The Minotaur is a creature in Greek mythology, conceived from love between Pasiphaë and… a bull. Half-animal, half-human, frustrated and aggressive. For many years he was kept imprisoned by King Midas in a labyrinth designed by Dedalus. The Minotaur was eventually slaughtered by Theseus.


These are superheroes of American pop-culture mythology, created by the authors from dc Comics. Superman, who was brought to life by Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel, made his debut in 1938. Batman, who was born in the imaginative minds of Bob Kane and Bill Finger, appeared on pages of comic books only a year later. If these characters’ ages had beencalculated since their first ‘performances’, Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne would be elderly men.



Fenrir is a sky-reaching giant wolf from German mythology. Gods were so scared of him that they decided to keep him chained, but the monster was always able to free himself. Eventually, he agreed to be tied with a magic rope called Gleipnir, on the condition that one of the gods would put their hand in his mouth. Tyr volunteered. As soon as Fenrir realised he could not let himself free this time, he bit Tyr’s right arm. Fenrir would remain incapacitated until the dusk of gods - Ragnarök.



The Penanggalan is a vampire ghost from Southeast Asian mythology. It is a beautiful woman, who has made a pact with the devil. She can separate her head from the rest of her body.
Her flying head is followed by internal organs - lungs, liver, bowels, and others. They help her grab and move various objects, or catch her prey. Even her hair has the same capacity. To be able to reconnect these organs and move tchem back into the body, the daemon needs to soak them in vinegar.



The Kappa is an evil water-inhabiting daemon from Japan. His physical appearance combines the features of a human being and a turtle. On the top of his head there is a hollow filled with water, which accounts for his superhuman powers. The Kappa can be easily defeated with a very respectful bow. The creature is polite, and as he will surely give a bow in return, water will leave the hollow, taking away the Kappa’s powers. There are some eye-witness accounts of people who have met one.



Genies are a type of extremely powerful ghosts from Arabian culture. Gullible as they are, they can be easily trapped into a utensil (for example, a lamp), after which they can be forced to grant three wishes. Most importantly, one should remember to use their third wish to send the genie back to the utensil. Otherwise, freed from his obligations, he would be able to take a revenge on his ‘owner’.

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